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 Steering system:


 The steering system consist of the Wheel and Column  assembly, slip joints, gearbox, pitman arm and draglink. 

The steering gear is the ‘ worm and roller’ type. The worm gear is held in position by a pair of tapered roller bearings and meshes with a three-tooth roller which is supported by bearings on the cross shaft. All bearings are replaceable and precise steering gear adjustements can be made to eliminate excessive backlash.

Since most of the steering action is performed near the Straight-Head position, maximum wear occurs at the centre of thr gearbox  worm. In order to give a long service life to the steering gear assembly, the wear is compensated for by creating backlash in the off-center position. This backlash permits readjustement for lost motion in the center position without causing a bind when the wheel is turned off-center. The built-in  back-lash occurs approximately one-half turn each way from the center position and gradually increases to develop the la the end of gear travel.