Kenworth 963 Specification




- Cummins ISX or Caterpillar C 15 engines              

- Dual 16 in (406 mm) Donaclone SBG air cleaners

- 1800 sq in (11,612 sq. cm) frontal area radiator


Clark (Dana) Powershift 7-speed transmission with PTO

heavyduty driveline.                                                                  


- Front drive-steer axle Clark (Dana) with slipper spring suspension

- Dual power steering with cooler and 9 qt (2.25 L) reservoir


- Rear tandem axle Clark (Dana) Wide Track

- Rear axle ratio: 15.27

- Kenworth heavy duty walking beam suspension with 75” (1,905 mm) axle spacing


21R25 (963) or 29.5R25 (Super 963) with compatible wheels or rims depending on application.


11-5/8 x 3/8 in. (295 mm x 9.5 mm) heat-treated, high strength main rails with full insert

10-5/8 x 5/16 in. (270 mm x 8 mm) heat-treated high. strength top rails.

Steel tubular oilfield bumper with center-mounted tow pin

Steel battery and tool boxes with diamond plate covers 


Two 275 Gal. (397 L) steel fuel tanks


Extended Daycab

Heater/air conditioner

Kenworth Air-Cushion Plus driver and passenger seats


Export Severe Service package

Adjustable tilt/telescoping steering column

Motorized mirrors w/ 13 ft (3,962 mm) span

Quiet Cab package. 

 Operational Features:

A/C condenser mounted to radiator

Traditional 953 “V” hood appearance retained 


Hood mounting separate from the cab

Door seal is located on the door providing longerlife seal from sand and elements

Rotating beacon lamps standard replacing strobe lights for easier servicing

Stacked frame rails provide improved durability for oilfield bodies

Complex reflector 7-inch (178 mm) round headlamps with replaceable bulbs and glass

covers for improved durability   


2-piece curved windscreen for enhanced visibility

Light-weight and high-strength steel toolbox and battery boxes with light-weight, ergonomic

aluminum covers   


Marker lights on cab roof

Nylon air tubing on chassis and cab


Ergonomic Features:

Cab access grabhandles located for easy reach

Kenworth air conditioning system

Cab well insulated for noise attenuation and thermal isolation

Quiet cab package further reduces interior noise by 2-5 dBA

Aerodynamic, modern cab – more spacious with improved quality

Electric door locks

Power window lift on RH side

Extended daycab for improved seat positioning,enhanced storage space and deeper seat recline position.

Interior cab lighting - two narrow-angle lights, two wide angle lights and one general purpose light in center of cab.

Map pockets in the doors   

2 cup holders

2 12-volt outlets in cab

Single Ash tray

Performance Features:

Cab temperature controlled by routing transmission hydraulics outside cab

A/C condenser mounted to radiator

PTO controls integral with the transmission

Dual exhaust stacks replacing single stack

Cummins ISX or CAT C15 – higher torque than previous 953

High capacity air cleaner – from 14 to 16 inches (356 to 406 mm) - for more efficient particle removal

Multiplex electrical system, common with other Kenworth models

Modern engine cooling technology with crossflow air-to-air and single, high-efficiency radiator

CTIS with high-capacity compressor

Jake brake is optional

Davco fuel filter, replacing Luberfiner – high filtering capacity and sediment containment

16 ft (4,877 mm) air and light lines

Two spare switches with hot wiring

Fire extinguisher outboard of the driver seat, 5-lb. (2.27 kg) capacity

Non-slotted crossmembers for frame rigidity

Frame inserts located from bumper to end-of-frame (used to start at 4’ (1,219 mm) behind bumper)

Safety Features:

Exhaust located on side of cab behind doors  


Steering geometry provides less steering effort and reduced road inputs

Sloped hood – 3 degree slope (hood is sloped 7 inches (178 mm) from the firewall to the

 V front) for enhanced driver visibility

Complex reflector 7-inch (178 mm) round headlamps with replaceable bulbs and glass

covers for improved durability.

2 Trucklite fog lights

2 Trucklite road lights (hi-beam lights)

Kenworth Daylite doors – better visibility to mirrors and side-of-cab area

Peeper window in right hand door – roadside visibility for driver.

Larger 17 x 36-inch (432 mm x 915 mm) rear window with cab corner windows – improves

rearward visibility.

13-foot (3,962 mm) width rearview mirror brackets and 9-inch (228 mm) convex mirrors.

Rearview mirrors are 4-way electrically controlled from the cab interior.

Fiberglass outside visor                                   

Dual electric horns located under hood.

2 back up lights.

2 factory wired floodlight switches for body lighting.

Single Exterior Spotlight above the driver door.

Non-skid paint on steel fenders.