Kenworth 953 super ( specifications )





Standard Equipment

 - Detroit Diesel 12 V-71N65 475 horsepower diesel

 - DelcoRemy 50-amp with four 6-volt batteries, 24 volt starting,12 volt lighting

Dual core kenworth V radiator with a total of 2.100 square inches of frontal area. 

Clark CL8652 torque converter with lock-up and Clark 88  8 speed full     including integral front axle declutch  and Full torque power take off ration 

- Clark FDS22600, 32.00 lb. capacity front driving,planetary reduction  axle with Dual ram  Hydraulic  assist ,ration 16.884. 

- Clark BD100000, 100.000 lb. Capacity tandem driving planetary reduction rear axles.

-  29.5 x 25, 28-ply tires with Kenworth special rim assemblies.

- Kenworth 10-3/4" x 3-1/2" x 3/8" heat treated steel channel main frame with full length nested channel inserts. 9-1/8" x 3-1/4" x 5/16" heat treated steel channel Upper frame, 40" wide.

- Tubular oilfield type front bumper with integral radiator guard and tow hook,Kenworth off- highway steel cab with standard instrumentation.

- Two 275-gallon, side-mounted steel fuel tanks.

- Tulsa 80, 100.000 pound safe working capacity air controlled winch with 200 Feet  of  1-1/8" 6x31 cable, tail-chain and hook.Kenworth headache rack with tire carrier and luggage basket.

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Optional equipment:


CUMMINS NTC-335, 355 HP        

CUMMINS NT-350, 350 HP


CUMMINS NT-380, 380 HP


DETROIT DIESEL 12V-71N, 434 HP or 475 HP

Caterpillar 1693-T, 325 HP

Caterpillar 1693-TA, 375 HP





Allison TG-637, 3 speed Torqumatic transmission with Allison TC 475 converter

available only with NTC 355 or detroit diesel 8V-71N.

Optional Accessory Equipment

Engine filters, engine brakes, alternators, pyrometers, oil bath air cleaners,No-spin differentials, tow hooks and hitches, fifth wheels, recording tachometer and speedometer, heaters, air conditioners, radios, special seating, spot and road lights, mirrors, air brake equipment, special painting, various capacity winches, optional tire plys and treads available, wheelbase to fit customer requirement, oilfield bodies available in various legths and configurations, air starter, tail roller, water tanks, diamond plate roof. 

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