Kenworth  front suspensions are available with nominal capacities ranging from 3,900 to 10,800 kg (8,600 to 24,000lbs). The spring ends are secured to frame brackets by replaceable, threaded steel pins and bushings. The threaded bearing surface forms its own grease reservoir and eliminates side movement   

Heavy duty cast bushing eyes are used on severe service applications and on front axle suspensions with 6,800 kg (15,000 lbs) or more ground load capacity.

Taperleaf springs are optional for nominal capacities from 4,260 to 5,530 kg (9,400 to 12,200 lbs) 

All taperleaf spring suspensions are fitted with tubular shock absorber.

Lever action shock absorbers are fitted to some off highway front suspension.

Front suspension using slipper type spring ends and torque rods to secure axle placement are available on Brute models such as L 700, torque rods are also used on all multiple leaf suspension of 6,900 to 10,800 kg (15,300 to 24,000 lbs) nominal capacity and with front drive axles.